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Teens Encounter Christ

Deco-TEC Theme


    The theme on Friday is "Dying in Christ". Teens are encouraged to examine their lives in relationship to the life of Jesus. This is done by discovering personal goals and ideals. Jesus is introduced to Candidates as someone who desires a relationship with them.

    Saturday's theme is "Rising in Christ," a celebration of God's love for us. On Saturday we discuss the importance of showing the love of Jesus by rising into His forgiveness and grace.

    On Sunday, the theme is "Going in Christ" where we will anticipate life beyond Deco-TEC. The talks are based on ways the teen can return to his or her environment and be a beacon of light to family and friends.

    Father Harfield, the spiritual director of the first TEC weekend, has often been quoted as saying “TEC is like a blind date with Christ. We set the date, make the introductions and take the person with Christ to a special place.  The bottom line, however, will be each person individually choosing to build on the relationship which is begun..”  The same is certainly true of Deco-TEC today.  The spiritual outcome in your teen's life will be his or her decision.  But, as a team, we can assure you that we will do our best to share the joy of life in Christ and Christian community with each of your sons and daughters. 

Deco-TEC, Inc. is a non-profit corporation, organized to minister the Good News of Jesus Christ – to, for and with teens thirteen through nineteen years of age. Deco-TEC’s intent is to evangelize teenagers through basic Christian biblical teachings to help these teens encounter and gain a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

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